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Ein Blick auf die Burchhauser Steine

The GrenzWelten National Geopark, certified since 2009, encompasses a geologically diverse and scenic low mountain range landscape in the border region between northern Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia. From the summit regions of the Sauerland and Kellerwald down to the valleys and basins of the Hessian Depression, exciting insights into the history of the earth and the development of the natural and cultural landscape are offered.Due to its location at the transition from the Rhenish Slate Mountains in the west to the Hessian Depression in the east, the GrenzWelten Geopark unites the most diverse rock layers from different geological eras. Over 400 million years of earth history come to life!

Urzeitreptilien im Briloner Museum Haus Hövener

The name of the Geopark GrenzWelten is also its connecting motto. Spatial and temporal boundaries link the different regions and thematic areas of the Geopark. The originally separating character of the term "border" is transformed into a connecting element. Each border under consideration stands for a special period of the earth's history, for stages of evolution, for special natural or ecological phenomena, and for significant steps in historical and cultural development. Each border forms its own "border world", which you can discover in the Geopark! Numerous nature trails, information signs and stations, museums, visitor mines and fossil sites, as well as guided tours with our trained Geopark guides, make your visit to the Geopark GrenzWelten a special experience.

Geoparkführer zeigt Route der GeoRadroute Ruhr-Eder

The GeoRadroute lies entirely within the 3,700km² area of the GrenzWelten Geopark. On 210km you cycle through different geological eras and landscapes. Werden GrenzGänger and explore the secrets of our earth's history on 2 wheels!

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